Last February, different news report online came out and talked about the recent presented bill in the legislature, particularly in Georgia. The bill aims to provide the employees the right privacy protection by not allowing their employers to access their social media accounts, which are usually private when they socialize online.

As detailed from the shared information through, a new legislative bill in Georgia would provide the necessary protection to employees against their employers. However, it would only secure their private social media accounts and not about their duties on workplace. This is probably one of the most interesting actions taken by the legislators to make sure employers do not have an access to the personal accounts of their employees when using social media networks.

One clear reason why this approved this bill is to prevent any unwanted issue between an employer and a worker. To name a few instances include a teller from Bank of America fired at work and charged for racism and a teacher removed from work because of mocking a student with a disability. Both these instances use Facebook to express their thoughts.

According to Georgian state congresswoman Doreen Carter, there are individuals who act irresponsible or with wrong behavior when using their social media accounts. This is the reason why she introduced a bill recognized as Social Media Privacy Protection Act to assure the employees have the right protection to their private accounts. Carter likewise said that an employee can deny an employer who is requiring an access for the Facebook page or request for the password of the account too.

With this bill, employers do not have the authority to access their private social media accounts.

Based on the observation about the legislative bill, it cannot however prevent the issue when it goes viral or wide spread online, which can even permit an employer to comment about it on public. Again, it will prohibit employers in case the issue is on private mode.

It is important to understand that it does not secure public websites.

As soon as they approved and implemented this bill, it somehow divides the personal life and business life between the employer and the employee. This is very helpful for very watchful business owners in Georgia and it is advisable for employees with private social accounts to know their limitations as well. Moreover, they must understand the existing rules of the company to avoid any conflict that usually triggers the agreement.

The Social Media Privacy Protection Act is an interesting bill and a business group leader does not object for its implementation, despite restricting employers in Georgia.

The group leader is referring to Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Brian Anderson. He said that in case the issue is about destroying the reputation of a company, there is a chance to depend what is right from wrong. However, it is necessary to respect the private life of an employee because this is a complicated matter to consider.

Although there are different existing bills in protecting Georgian workers, this is one of the most helpful in terms of securing an ordinary person’s privacy.

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