Privacy Policy

We always understand the condition of respecting the privacy of all visiting individuals. One of our obligations is to secure the information that come from people who visit us through our existing Privacy Policy. This policy handles the gathered information from the different visitors and this is crucial in helping us to clarify the collected data.

We want to remind all our visitors and users that this guideline is crucial if they choose to visit and views whatever content we post online. Because we implement legitimate rules to follow, we never accept people who are not willing to understand what we impose.

Important Data or Information

For individuals who decide to visit and use our website, they have to submit the necessary details that we need for verification. We usually get the name, gender, age, citizenship and address to proceed. When we collect these information, we only accept them if our visitors and users submit them voluntarily without forcing them.

Allocation of Data

When we collect and safeguard the collected data, we do our responsibility better. On the other hand, we may share them to other parties such as our partnered service providers and legitimate government firms under certain guideline. The shared data must not be part of any illegal activity and they need to understand this matter. If the existing agreement permits us to share details to certain individuals, we do not hesitate but must understand the condition.

Evaluating of Internet Cookies

We do not disregard the importance of evaluating the web cookies because we know this condition is necessary. Regarding the imposed guidelines when determining cookies, we also respect the governing rule of the EU region for our visiting people here. The details or data we collect that come from our visitors and users usually involve the browser as well as Operating System utilized during the visit. We need to collect these data in assuring proper monitoring and determining the exact number of people who are viewing our website daily. Should we use any of the information, the main purpose is to develop our expertise and become more visible over the Internet.

Modifying the Privacy Rule

The existing Privacy Policy is important and if we decide to change this guideline, we have the full authority. We can delete or change any existing data from the policy and we do not need any kind of consent when we decide.